Monday, April 18, 2016

Small bug fix patch released & Feature patch

You may have noticed, a few days ago I released a mini bug fix patch. 

I also decided to expand the feature patch with some more things.
This will prolong development time a bit, but will be pretty cool once it's out :-)
So if things go according to plan, you will see the following in the feature patch:
Mastery tree + activated abilities in dungeons
Members able to gain stats through dungeons
Basic sorting + class icons next to names
Send members to do quests
3-4 New dungeons
Decoration shop
+ Other things such as, new music, loading splash screen etc.

Once this patch is out, and if the feedback is positive, I'll also release Pocket Guild to iOS.


  1. Cant wait for iOS. My ipod is way better than my phone. Ill buy it as soon as its out. Love the game

  2. I just found this game and have been loving it. I'm really looking forward to the next patch.