Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Patch 1.12 is out!

The bug fix / tutorial improvement patch is out, this means the mastery feature update is the next big one!

Here's what it will contain for sure:
  • Members able to gain stats through dungeons
  • New dungeons
  • Mastery tree
  • Spells provided by the mastery tree to be used inside dungeons!

Here's what it might contain if i'm progressing well:
  • A simple guild decoration system
  • Sending players on solo quests
  • More sorting options
Smaller hotfixes might come between the big updates, if people find things that shouldn't be there :-).


  1. Being able to sort between classes would be a big bonus. It would help deciding who to kick when the guild is full.

    1. You are definitely right, I think i will move this up in the priority list, will see if i can fit it in the upcoming feature patch!

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