Saturday, April 30, 2016

Testers needed for bug hunting!

Hello everyone!

The following mechanics are implemented in the alpha:
Mastery tree + Activated abilities - Graphics of the buttons still being tuned
Members able to gain stats through dungeons
Basic sorting + class icons next to names
Send members to do quests
4 Dungeons
Decoration Shop
New music, sound effects ( More being implemented )
Small things such as UI tweaks, loading screen etc.

I'm looking for active people who play from the beginning to the end, and provide reports if something fishy is going on. It would speed up the release greatly!

Warning: This is alpha, meaning that you will probably experience some things that shouldn't be there + typos. :-)

If anyone is interested please contact me at

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quick update!

Just a quick update to break the silence again :-)

Everything is going well, there will be 4 dungeons, with 15 new bosses. The raiding screen also got an overhaul. Now with more space, and a more cleaner look.

The user interface in general will evolve bit by bit with each patch. You might notice some of them in the feature patch.

Dungeons / Quests will now also reward a type of currency, which you can exchange from the shopkeeper for goodies.
(Shopkeeper at your service)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Small bug fix patch released & Feature patch

You may have noticed, a few days ago I released a mini bug fix patch. 

I also decided to expand the feature patch with some more things.
This will prolong development time a bit, but will be pretty cool once it's out :-)
So if things go according to plan, you will see the following in the feature patch:
Mastery tree + activated abilities in dungeons
Members able to gain stats through dungeons
Basic sorting + class icons next to names
Send members to do quests
3-4 New dungeons
Decoration shop
+ Other things such as, new music, loading splash screen etc.

Once this patch is out, and if the feedback is positive, I'll also release Pocket Guild to iOS.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bug fix v2 & Progress report

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late post, have been very busy with Pocket Guild lately! :-)

Uploaded a new bug fix patch to the beta testers, aimed to fix the legendary freeze bug & arena tournament empty bug. This time it should work for everyone hopefully.

I'm also having good progress with the mastery feature patch, which is going to be the next thing i upload to the beta testers, if no bugs are found.

I sketched a simple sorting mechanic as well, which would serve as a placeholder until i figure out how i could show the members in a more spreadsheet-ed way, designed for smartphones.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mastery and priorities.

Sorting/spreadsheeting is moved up on the priority list.

I also forgot to mention, that patch 1.12 should fix all upcoming tournaments, so if you have a tournament from the old version before 1.12 in your event window, it will still be buggy!

I'm also aware that some people are still experiencing the legendary freeze bug. I'm working on it around the clock :). There was a lot of code rewritten, so i expected something like this to happen.

The mastery skills are already designed, and being implemented in to the game. I'm making sure they will be strong, and have significant impact in fights, with adding an extra layer of depth. From resurrecting players, to dealing noticeable chunks of damage.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Patch 1.12 is out!

The bug fix / tutorial improvement patch is out, this means the mastery feature update is the next big one!

Here's what it will contain for sure:
  • Members able to gain stats through dungeons
  • New dungeons
  • Mastery tree
  • Spells provided by the mastery tree to be used inside dungeons!

Here's what it might contain if i'm progressing well:
  • A simple guild decoration system
  • Sending players on solo quests
  • More sorting options
Smaller hotfixes might come between the big updates, if people find things that shouldn't be there :-).