Thursday, March 24, 2016

Progress & Sale

After gathering a lot of feedback, I decided not to change the price until the mastery feature patch comes in. I'm having good progress in fixing the bug.
Made plenty of notes from everyone's valuable feedback! I happily change things, if it improves Pocket Guild!

So far the most requested things were:
  • Mastery tree & Activated abilities in dungeons
  • A more reliable way to improve your favorite characters that you wish to keep
Of course new dungeons would roll out as well to accompany these two new features.


  1. I really want to play the future patches, they look great.
    Hey, by the way, I wanted to say that I feel like you're not doing much advertising of your app and I think that if you do you'll get way more people to play this.

    1. It was a soft launch to get more feedback from people, will start advertising more when the next feature patch comes in with the masteries / dungeons / bug fix! Consider yourself as a VIP tester ;-)